Check out these feet!!! You’re either looking at that being totally grossed out, or you’re like me and are fascinated by how this mans feet have developed. These are the feet of an Ashaninka Indian who lives in a rainforest in the upper Amazon Basin of Peru. His feet look like this because he doesn’t wear shoes! That’s right. He walks all over the treacherous rainforest in bare feet all the time, and this is the result; an incredibly strong foundation that provides soooooo much support to his body it’s hard for most of us to fathom. This is what most people’s feet should look like; hard, tough, BIG, ugly, muscular, and super calisced. But our feet are soft, weak, dainty, and not as ugly as this. Which is one of the many reasons why so many people have had so many injuries and continually have physical pains and aches; their foundation is weak so the rest of the structure (their body) has to take on more stress than it’s designed too. Start being barefoot as often as possible, use your toes, walk on the grass and feel the earth with your feet, strengthen your foundation. Photo credit @franslanting