The Real American Drug Problem
     It would shock most people to hear that the sixth leading cause of death in the United States is prescription drugs, behind heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, and accidents. According to the Journal of American Medicine Association, 290 people die PER DAY from prescription drugs. That’s at least 106,000 people that die per year from prescription drugs that are properly prescribed and administered. On top of that more than 2 MILLION per year suffer serious side effects. This makes prescription drugs a greater killer than alcohol, which annually kills 88,000 per year according to the Center for Disease Control. This country has been so focused on fighting the "War on Drugs" when in reality, we are fighting the wrong enemy.
     My biggest problem with the medical community is that it is first and foremost a business, with shareholders and investors waiting for a return on their money. The best way to make more money is to sell more drugs, pretty basic and simple. Now I’m definitely NOT saying that all doctors are bad or just out to make a dollar. But I want people to start to understand that those doctors do exist. Being a doctor comes with this unwritten trust that is given to them by the public, and in our economic system we have to be much smarter than that. Most wouldn’t argue that corruption and greed are a huge problem in our society, especially in politics and business. It’s logical to assume that corruption and greed has also reached our medical community.
     My second concern is that the medical community tends to treat things based off of symptoms. You’ve got a headache there’s a certain pill for that, high cholesterol there’s a certain pill for that, or if you’ve got a cold then there’s a buffet of options. A lot of these medications only suppress symptoms, they don’t even cure anything. So although you may feel better temporarily, the problem can still exist. We have to start looking at the body as one kinetic chain, with each link on the chain directly supporting all of those around it. What many doctors are learning is that the early stages of many different diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, can share the same symptoms but require different courses of treatment (David Pearlmutter, M.D). They haven’t figured out why this is yet, but the implications of this are huge. Based off this information, the same symptoms occurring in two different people, can cause multiple diseases or illnesses which means they may need two different medications, not just one illness as previously thought. So you are starting to see why treating things with pills or medications based off of symptoms seems pretty outdated. The same symptoms, the same processes that can cause one disease or ailment, can also just as easily cause another.
     The other problem with medications is that many are temporary solutions. What is causing your illness or pain? If you are having bad headaches and you take medications to suppress the pain. Then whatever is causing your headaches is still occurring. And the cause will most likely manifest again with a different symptom eventually. The root cause of an issue can stem into multiple diseases, ailments, pains, or illnesses. What you put into your body you get out of your body. Nutrition is your baseline, you will always have to eat to survive. Yet most medical schools only require one or two classes if any on nutrition. In order for your body, your kinetic chain, to remain strong, you must strengthen each link and bond in the chain, from the tiniest individual cells all the way up to your brain and largest muscle groups. Eating a healthy diet full of animal proteins, fat, and produce is the only way to ensure that your cells will be as strong as possible for as long as possible. A lot of medications actually kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria they are trying to get rid of. Your body cannot replenish these vital organisms without the right nutrition.
     Recently, I trained a healthy male in his 50’s. As normal with any assessment, I asked him if he was taking any medications or supplements. He responded by saying that he was currently taking a cholesterol lowering medication and a testosterone booster…….. WHAT??? Cholesterol meds are ludicrous alone, but combining them with a testosterone booster is just absolute, pure insanity, or greed. Cholesterol is directly responsible for producing testosterone and estrogen in every human being! Why would a doctor recommend to lower cholesterol when he also wants his T levels to be higher? Ironically, both of these medications are relatively new, both advertised, backed by lobbyist’s and money, and really serve no medical benefit. This is a great example of a doctor whose either treating based off symptoms, or is out to make a dollar and probably gets a nice bonus check from the pharmaceutical companies.
     Most of the time we can prevent and treat illnesses and diseases with simple nutrition. If you can think of your stomach as a brain, then this analogy is very easy to understand. Your brain can only receive a signal if it fits the receptor, the same is true with your stomach. Your stomach can only process the foods you consume correctly and efficiently if it recognizes the molecular structure of your food in its entirety. So how do we know what your body can recognize? Well, according to most of the research I’ve read, it takes the human body at least tens of thousands of years to evolve in any way, most research says around 40,000 years. So what were we doing 40,000 thousand years ago? Driving through McDonalds? Having chips and dip? No, we went out and scavenged for vegetation to eat and hunted for meat and fat.  98% of human beings existence on planet Earth has been spent as hunter-gatherers. No pesticides, herbicides, grain feed, fenced in cages, just wild and real biodynamic foods. With these nutrient rich, wild foods came an abundance of nutrients that we came to depend on. Over thousands of years our bodies adapted to depend on the food that was available in their current environment. Most of the food consumed today didn’t exist 100 years ago!!! Trying to live a full life without these nutrients is a loosing battle, physical and mental problems are bound to occur and keep occurring.
     What I hope you get out of reading this is that you have to become self dependent when it comes to your health. You have to do some of your own research because in the health field there is research that supports almost every health hypothesis ever, literally. You have to figure out what makes sense for you, there is no one size fits all when it comes to individual health. Sometimes medicine is necessary, sometimes surgery is necessary, and there are a lot of good doctors out there who really want to help. But good nutrition and consistent healthy eating habits are a must before any true path to health can begin. If you keep getting sick or you can’t loose weight, then stop trying "everything" and start trying to eat as your ancestors. It’s the most logical and intelligent thing you can do for your health.