Tai Chi- Total Body MOVEMENT Routine

     I start off every morning with a Total Body Movement Routine, very much like Tai Chi. Our current society doesn’t require us to use all of the movements we are capable of. Overtime the body learns that those movements must not be very important since you never move that way. So in an effort to conserve energy, the brain will shut off its communication to the muscle(s) involved in those unused movements. This is the main reason you have all those little aches and pains, knots, tightness, lack of range of motion, etc. 
     When you start off the day by doing simple movements in the biggest ranges of motion you are capable of, you are telling your brain that these movements and these muscles are important! You are telling your brain to maintain that communication and to strengthen it. My entire Total Body Movement Routine only takes about 15 minutes at the most. And I’ve never had somebody tell me they didn’t feel better after doing it. Start your day off with Movement! And after you Move… Meditate. You’re already more in tune with your mind and body after you Move. There is no better time to meditate than at the beginning of your day, before the day bombards you with everything you have to do.

Move, Meditate, Set Your INTENTIONS, then go out and conquer the day.