Although this isn’t fitness related, I had to share this video with y’all. One of my friends and clients, Douglas Klahr, gave a Ted Talk a few months ago on dealing with the World’s Housing Crisis and Slum Housing. I just finished listening to it myself! Doug is the Associate Dean at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington. The man know’s what he’s talking about! I hope y’all give this a listen, he’s a great public speaker. Congratulations to Doug on giving a TED Talk! That’s pretty cool.

I also wanted to remind y’all to vote! Even if you already voted, you can vote again! I’m talking about the Oak Cliff Advocate Magazine’s Best of Oak Cliff Competition, where we are in the running for people’s favorite workout spot. Please click on the link below and vote for Jonathan’s Private Training Studio as the Best Place to Workout in Oak Cliff!


Saturday Calisthenics Class is going down this Saturday again from 10AM-11AM! Eric will be leading the class and bringing some new movements with him. Classes are $20 per class for drop-ins and $15 per class when you buy a pack of 4 or more. We’ll see y’all Saturday Morning!