I bought some asparagus a few days ago (maybe more) and put it into the fridge. I usually put asparagus in water like you see pictured below, but for some reason I forgot this time. 

When I went into the fridge to cook it, I could tell that it was old. The asparagus stalks were all wrinkly and had lost their vibrant color.

“NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”- I thought to myself with disappointment.

But then I tried to salvage the situation, I put the asparagus into a container filled with water. My hope was that the water could bring the asparagus back to life so I could eat it! 

Sure enough. The next day for lunch, I took my asparagus experiment out of the fridge to see a wrinkle-free, vibrantly colored asparagus! Which I then cooked for lunch, and it was delicious. 

I know that storing asparagus in water will be old news to some of you reading this. But I just thought it was really cool that you can even bring vegetables that have started to go bad, back to their best tasting state of freshness!

Below is a good article on how to best store some of your favorite veggies. And don’t forget about Yoga Class tomorrow morning. It’s going down with Bethany at 9:30am!

How to Best Store Veggies