Saturday Calisthenics Class is happening with Eric tomorrow from 10AM-11AM! Classes are $20 per class for drop-ins and $15 per class when you buy a pack of 4 or more. Come start the weekend off right with a Saturday morning workout!

TIP: When eating before a workout, the type of meal you eat depends on how long you have till you begin your workout. If you’re about to workout within an hour after you finish eating, you’ll be good with some fruit to get you going. If it’s going to be longer than an hour, add some light protein like eggs to your pre-workout meal. If it’s going to be more than 2 hours, eat a full meal; protein, hefty amount of veggies, and a healthy fat like avocado. You can eat some fruit afterwords if you still feel hungry before your workout begins! Eat healthy, eat right, and I’ll see y’all at 10am for Saturday Calisthenics Class!