How can you tell if the Olive Oil you’ve been using is a quality Omega-3 Olive Oil? Well there are two ways that I know for sure work. The first, is to buy your Olive Oil from a Specialty Oil store. Here is a link to one of the Oil stores I’ve been too (, this one is in Richardson. The people at these stores are usually extremely knowledgeable about their Oils. But the most important thing for you to look at when buying Olive Oil, is the Polypenol count. That tells you the quality of Omega 3’s in the Oil. The higher the Polyphenol count, the higher quality the Oil.

The other way to test the quality of your Olive Oil is much simpler…. TAKE A SHOT!!! That’s right, grab a shot glass, fill it up with Olive Oil, and drink it. If it tastes smooth going down, then that means you have a LOW quality Olive Oil; most likely comprised of rancid Omega 6’s (which you don’t want in your body!). If the Oil tastes hot going down, gives you a little burning sensation in your throat, then congratulations, you’ve got some quality Olive Oil! And you should take shots of it more often, its good for you 🙂

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