We are creatures of repeated patterns, some are good and some are bad. Patterns of behavior, patterns of feeling, patterns we usually wear, patterns of the people we usually see, and so on and so forth. But it is the Pattern of Feeling that is the most powerful, because it’s tied to our emotions.

Most of us are used to feeling a certain way and whatever that feeling is, that is our normal. Whether you are normally happy, sad, tired, angry, whatever it is that you typically feel throughout each day, that is your normal Pattern of Feeling.

Most people that I’ve talked to want to be happier than they currently are. They want to change their Pattern of Feeling into a happier Pattern of Feeling consistently. However, changing and improving upon that pattern requires some type of action. And A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL TAKE ACTION, but only for a short while…. Why?

It’s because of their Pattern of Feeling!!! When people make these changes, they start to feel better! They start to feel differently. And feeling different, whether good, bad, positive, or negative; makes the body uncomfortable. And we (people living in modern society) don’t like being uncomfortable at all!!! So what do most of us do? Go back to our old patterns of behavior, so that we can get back to our normal Pattern of Feeling! 

I want to say that again: Most people will resort back to old habits and old ways of being, even if they have made improvements and are happier, due to the fact that they are not used to feeling this way. It’s a new pattern, and new patterns make us uncomfortable, even good ones. So in order for us to relieve our discomfort, most of us will go back to our old habits, in order to get back to the normal Pattern of Feeling we are used too.

We need to remember that when we act different, make different decisions, and progress toward that best version of ourselves that we’re trying to be; it’s going to come with new feelings, emotions, and new patterns that we aren’t used to. If we want to keep progressing, we have to embrace this new Pattern of Feeling, along with all the others. Our body will be wanting to go back to whatever it is it used to do, even if we were less happy doing it.

Start with embracing discomfort. The fact that you are uncomfortable should let you know that you’re on the right path! That is the step that separates those that progress toward a goal and then stop themselves short, and those that continue to progress daily. Embracing Discomfort and Accepting their NEW Pattern of Feeling.

The ones that accept this new Pattern of Feeling which they have cultivated for themselves, are much more likely to keep going and accomplish whatever goals they set.

Why? Because accepting a new Pattern of Feeling, means that this is your new norm, your new way of being, and your new comfort zone. Which also means that those old habits you used to have, are now unappealing to you because they would take you out of our comfort zone!

The point is this; once you start making changes, you’ll start to feel different. Know that is a good thing! Know that means you’ve started establishing new patterns! Patterns that you have chosen and are currently working at daily. After a few weeks of being uncomfortable, where you have felt discomfort will begin to feel comfortable. And that is the beginning of the new you.