People have been icing their injuries for wayyyyy too long! And it’s time to stop this myth!!! Icing an injury does NOT help the healing process, it actually slows the recovery process down which actually makes recovery more difficult.

People started icing injuries a few decades ago (and probably even before then), back when we knew very little about the body and healing. But now we know, that swelling occurs due to injury becuase the body is rushing blood filled with nutrients to heal the injured area, a sprained ankle or a torn ACL for example. Putting ice on the injury slows this process down!!! Why would you want to do that?!?!? You need those nutrients, you need that blood flow, and you need it now!!!

From now on, remember not to ice your injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, the best remedy is usually, simply moving the injured joint/area as often as possible (listen to your body, you have to be patient and not rush recovery) and using HEAT to INCREASE the blood flow and the healing process, rather than slow it down. Obviously, more serious injuries will require immobilization and rest. You should consult your doctor after an injury to make sure you know how severe the injury is, and what the next step to take is. Attached is an article I read online from the Poloquin Group, which is a phenomenal source of information for anything health, movement, nutrition, or fitness related, check it out.

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