I talk a lot about getting out of your comfort zone. I believe new experiences to be the real anti-depressants that we all need to be happy. Staying inside and doing the same things everyday can feel like a prison you have made for yourself, making it easier to slip into a negative state of mind.
When you really think about it though, its hard to feel negative or stay in your head when you’re doing something for the first time, or something that just breaks your everyday norm. Breaking the norm forces you to focus on the present moment. When you go to a beach for the first time, you just stare, appreciate the beauty, and feel the environment around you. When you do something a little scary (let’s say mountain biking for example!), you focus on nothing besides getting over whatever that scary hurdle is. And once you make it, a sense of relief and accomplishment quickly follows. We don’t need all these drugs and pills to make us happy.
We just need to break out of the norm. Do things that are new and a little scary to bring you back to the present. New experiences are the real Prozac.

P.S.- Thank you Bruce for taking me Mountain Biking and kicking my butt in the process!!!