Check out the video above. The picture quality isn’t great but the movement quality is on point. I do this routine every morning and it makes a WORLD of difference.

Society doesn’t require our bodies to move to their full capability. So if you never move in all the ranges of motion that your joints can, eventually your body will start to knot up, muscles will get tight and painful, and eventually injury will occur.

But by simply doing a daily total body movement routine like this video, you can stay limber, remain a good mover well into old age, and prevent injury.

Try doing this video every morning to start your day, you probably won’t even break a sweat doing it. This routine is meant to get you feeling loose and feeling good, and it’s always done exactly that for both my clients and myself.

There is NO YOGA CLASS TOMORROW morning, December 22nd. Yoga class will resume the next week with Emily, on Saturday, December 29th! Hope everybody has a great holiday and enjoys their time off!!!