I’ve been re-evaluating and making new goals for myself lately. But this time, I feel like I’m doing a much better job of it. One of my goals is to own a home. But simply just writing down “Buy a Big House” as a goal isn’t very motivating. I have to remember why I want that house, really take the time to visualize it in my mind in detail, and then write that stuff down!

This time when I wrote out my goals, instead of just writing “Buy a Big House,” here what I did:

Wrote down the Goal:
Then I wrote down all the things I wanted in the house:

*a huge backyard with big grassy area and a pool
*a big kitchen with an island in the middle and lots of counter space
*really tall ceilings, tall doorways, tall walkways, at least 10 feet tall
*at least a 2 car garage
*Big walk-in closet with some built in shelving
*3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms or more

Then I wrote down why I want all those things, what I’ll be able to do with those things, and the things I’ll enjoy about them:

-I’ll have a place to have friends and family over. I can have BBQ’s, pool parties, game nights, or whatever else I want!
-I’ll have a place to move freely in my backyard, swim, meditate, slackline, and play around with my dog Jack 🙂
-I can do more woodworking and craft projects in my garage! 
-I’ll have a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t had a dishwasher in at least 4 years now….. the thought of having a dishwasher alone makes me ecstatic
-Jack will have a place to run around and play whenever he wants, I don’t have to go somewhere to get his energy out.
-I’ll have way more space when I cook. I can have friends and family over for dinners and potlucks 🙂
-I’ll have a room to put my office in! 
-and lots more!
I wrote down a lot more about the house and some other goals on my whiteboards at home. But even as I was re-writing down all this, I was literally getting excited again. So it’s not the goal that motivates us, it’s the REASONS WHY we want to achieve those goals!!! That’s what we need to be writing down and reminding ourselves of on a daily basis. Reading your goals everyday is definitely better than nothing, but reading the reasons WHY you want to achieve those goals carries much more weight because it can trigger an emotional response!

Emotion and memory are tied together very closely. You’re more likely to remember and think about something that makes you emotional than something that doesn’t. Try starting out with just one goal, don’t overwhelm yourself with doing this for 8 or 10 goals in one day. This shouldn’t be something where you’re working hard or trying to rush through it. It probably took me at least a half an hour to completely write out everything about my future house. Take your time, write out all the details of what you want, enjoy envisioning your achievement of those goals and what that achievement will do for your life and your loved ones. Tie EMOTION and your GOALS together!!!

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