Don’t eat carbs (starches, sugars) and healthy fats in the same sitting. 

That is unless you are trying to gain weight. When you consume carbohydrates, your body increases it’s insulin production during the digestion process. During which time your body will have converted that carbohydrate into sugar. Insulin is the “fat storage hormone” of the body, and unless you have insulin production issues, insulin will always increase in production (spike up) when you consume carbs. Which basically means that the more carbs you eat, the more fat you are likely to store.  

Fats are the highest caloric food we consume. Carbs are 4 calories per gram, protein is 4 calories per gram, and fats are 9 calories per gram. So fats are literally the densest, highest caloric foods we consume by over double the amount of calories. 

Now, if you’re eating a plain sweet potato with some chicken or steak and some veggies, you don’t have to worry about storing fat because there aren’t a ton of calories in meats and veggies. Your base metabolism will be able to burn that off on its own more than likely. But if you added an avocado to that meal, then you’d most likely be storing some calories into your fat deposits depending upon your base metabolism.

This is a really extreme example. What I mentioned above is a pretty healthy meal, yet it’s a crucial element that can really make a difference if you apply it to every meal.

Separating your fats and carbs (sugars) will cause you to have LESS insulin spikes, which means less calories stored as fat.

It will also lead to your body storing less fat, because when you do eat carbs and have an insulin spike, your meal will have fewer calories so there will be much less for your body to try and store! 

Separate your carbs and fats with every meal. And just FYI, most veggies are EXTREMELY LOW in carbs. So stack your meals with as many veggies as you can!