Did you know that walking barefoot in the grass releases endorphins??? It’s interesting to think about how much the way we treat our feet has changed over the course of history; from barefoot ancestors for ten’s, if not, hundreds of thousands of years, to minimal sandals, to minimal shoes, to hard soled shoes with extra cushion and support. Yet with all this support, we don’t do something as simple as touch the Earth on a daily basis. It’s more likely to talk to find someone who has not touched the Earth in decades than it is to find someone who walks barefoot daily.

This has devastating effects on us both physically and mentally!!! By walking in these foot-coffins, *cough* I mean shoes, we are weakening the foundation we use to walk everyday (our feet), we are seperating ourselves from the Earth and our connection to it, and we are depriving ourselves of EASILY obtainable endorphins!!! Get outside, walk barefoot, and breathe deeply, I guarantee at minimum your mood will improve.