There are 3 reasons I believe counting calories is a waste of time:

1. It’s Not Sustainable For Your Entire Life
-Anybody’s approach to health and fitness should be focused on creating healthy habits that will last you a lifetime. And it’s simply just not realistic to think that you will count calories and keep a proper journal your entire life. Most people who count their calories, eventually stop counting, and revert to old, unhealthy habits.

2. Caloric Deficit Diets Are UNHEALTHY
-The main point of counting calories is usually for people to make sure they are consuming less calories in a day, than they burn off in a day. And mathematically, it absolutely works, you will loose some weight, maybe even a lot of weight at first. But again, maintaining a Caloric Deficit Diet is not something 99% of people will be able to maintain their entire lives, nor would that be a healthy.

Science has proven that the more often your body “yo-yo’s” up and down on the scale, the harder your body works to maintain what it considers it’s normal body weight and shape. For example (let’s name this guy Todd), Todd has weighed on average about 220 lbs over the past couple decades. He has lost weight a few times in that time span, loosing 60 lbs in 3 months once, and loosing 30 lbs a few years ago. But both times he gained the weight back. He’s even gained 15 lbs on top of his normal 220 lbs more than a couple times in the past twenty years.

Todd’s weight going up and down is what I mean by “yo-yo’s.” The body wants to stay comfortable, just like the mind does. So Todd’s body wants to stay around 220 lbs because, in his body’s point of view, that’s what has worked for Todd, kept him safe, and kept him alive all this time. Each time he gains weight and looses it, or looses it and gains it all back; Todd’s hormones react to this change by basically saying we don’t like this yo-yo-ing one bit. So the hormones basically tighten their hold on Todd’s fat stores even harder, just in case Todd tries to loose weight again in the future. 

The more your weight yo-yo’s, the harder it will be to loose weight the next time around. 

3. The Body Gets FULL OFF NUTRIENTS, Not Calories
Did you know that it takes more calories to chew a bite of celery than it does to digest it? Yet if you ate an entire stalk of celery, you’d probably be pretty full. How can that be?

If you eat a whole stalk of celery, you actually burned more calories chewing it than you did eating it. That means you have less “caloric energy” after eating celery than you did before. Yet you are still full. Why?

It’s because the body wants NUTRIENTS!!! That is what feeds everything inside of us. You can eat 3 giant pizzas a day, but the body will still be hungry for nutrients, even though your stomach is full. I remember reading something Mother Teresa said once, “Never has the World been so full of food, yet still starving for nutrition.”

Take the lifestyle approach to health and fitness. Create habits that will last a lifetime. Focus on Nutrients & Move More.