Have you ever tried balancing on one leg? Next time try it with your eyes closed! It makes balancing ten times more challenging, along with activating muscles all throughout your lower extremities. Go for a minute on each side to make sure you get the full benefit.

Most people when doing it for the first time (assuming they can resist touching the ground too often), will start to feel a burn all the way up to their glutes towards the end of the minute hold! What closing your eyes does is basically close off the brains ability to interpret the environment it is in. Simply because the brain doesn’t have the information it normally gets when you have your eyes open.

So when you close your eyes, the brain no longer knows for sure that it’s on a stable and flat surface, so your body goes a little bit into panic mode. The brain basically tells those muscle fibers too:

“Wake the Heck Up!
DO NOT let me fall over!
I do NOT know what I’m standing on anymore!!!!
BALANCE ME!!! Balance Balance Balance! Lets goooo! Wake Up!”

And those fibers start to wake up and you start to feel the burn. This extremely simply exercise can make a world of difference in the joint health of your lower extremities and even help with lower back pain. Remember to focus on using your toes while doing this! Keeping your eyes closed, breathing, staying calm (since the body does go into panic mode just little bit), and using your toes are the key components of doing a Blind 1 Leg Balance correctly. Make sure you do it for a full minute and stand with a good posture too!

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