We have taken stabilization out of life as a society. Every thing we walk on is flat, the shoes we walk in are perfectly flat, our streets are paved flat, the floors in our homes and work places are flat, the floors at the gym are flat, literally everything we walk on is flat! The environment of our ancestors forced them to stabilize in every way, virtually every day.

Our modern environment has taken those opportunities away from us! Which is one of many reasons why you need to walk barefoot on a daily basis. Give your foundation (your feet) a chance to be used instead of confined in those foot-coffins *cough* I mean shoes. There is a reason why injuries of every kind are up hundreds of percents, why most people’s knees and back always hurt, why foot problems are more and more common….. we NEVER use our feet, we never have to stabilize and balance, so our foundation becomes weaker and weaker.

Yes, I realize there are freak injuries and then there’s the “well, I’m just getting old” reasoning, but in my view, neither of those can justify how much weaker and more injury prone humans have become. To me it’s simple, if you want to have a solid, healthy body; you cannot expect that to happen when you have a weak foundation. Would you buy a house or a building where you knew the foundation was weak? Would you invest or buy into anything that had a weak foundation? So why do we expect our bodies to remain healthy and injury-free while we neglect our feet and steadily weaken our foundation over time? You see, it’s not freak accidents or old-age, it’s a lack of use.