Paul Harwood – 57

I have been training with Jonathan for about 1 year now and it has changed my life.I was 56 and had never set foot in a gym before. I went to Jonathan and asked him to work on correcting my posture, thinking this would take a few months, then I could quit. He put together a comprehensive plan to improve overall fitness, mobility, balance and core strength. We also spent a lot of time discussing diet and he had me keep a food diary, which we discussed at each session. Changes became obvious very fast, excess belly fat disappeared, I was standing taller, and my blood pressure returned to normal, and I no longer needed to take a couple of medications that I had been on for years. I am most amazed at how much better I feel now and how much energy I have compared to a year ago. Jonathan has vast personal experience and knowledge to draw from and really loves what he does, it shows. He is easy to talk to, a good teacher, and his one on one private training is perfect for my needs. I highly recommend him and am very pleased with the changes he has helped me make in my health, happiness, and overall quality of life.