I can only think of about a million reasons why you shouldn’t eat genetically modified 
foods, more commonly known as GMO’s. They’re a pretty recent invention, no more than 40 
years old according to our trustworthy government. But GMO’s have already completely taken 
over. All of us have eaten genetically modified foods in our lives, most of us eat them 3 times a 
day, everyday. But a lot of people still don’t know what GMO’s really are.
     Genetic modification starts at the seed. Scientists literally open up and implant the traits 
they want this particular plant to have. Most of the time, the purpose of genetic modification is to 
make the plant resistant or accepting to pesticides, herbicides, environmental conditions, along 
with sometimes dictating the size, color, and characteristics of the crop. GMO farmers only grow 
1 or maybe a few crops all year long. These crops are grown in large quantities to increase 
yield, and each crop is grown separate from the other crops, these large individual crops are 
known as mono-crops. With the seed now being genetically modified to resist or accept the 
conditions, the farmers can spray their fertilizer in large quantities all over their crops. The 
fertilizer is designed to kill, that’s it. The fertilizer kills plants, weeds, bugs and insects. But most 
of the crop (that’s right, GMO production doesn’t insure higher yields), will be fine due to the fact 
that the seed itself has been genetically altered. And then guess what?!?!? Those same crops 
are driven and flown into your grocery stores, onto your table, and into your system. Doesn’t 
that worry you a little? Our government promises us that GMO’s are safe and even have some 
nice, BS, misrepresented, and pro-GMO biased studies to help make us feel better. But if they 
are so safe then why have 60 other countries mandated labeling of GMO’s and other countries 
have made them illegal all together? Even Mexico has banned GMO corn. The GMO companies 
make $15 BILLION a year off GMO corn in America alone!!! Oregon is one state trying to pass 
legislation to label GMO’s in their state. GMO companies are spending millions, one report said 
$20 million, on stopping Oregon alone from labeling GMO’s. Why are they trying so hard to stop 
us from labeling these foods if they are safe? And better yet, why is our government seemingly 
trying to help them.
     Another problem with GMO crops are the fact that they are mono-crops. Since they are 
all mono-crops, that means that each crop only makes itself available for pollination a few 
weeks a year tops. From a bees perspective, they have to be DUMB to make their home there. 
Food is only available a few times a year. So now we have companies that ship bees all over 
the country. The drive to California for almond season, Florida for oranges, these bees are 
literally taken in large trucks for days at a time with no sunlight or access to the outdoors all over 
the country. Then when the bees do arrive at their new crop, they have the privilege of getting 
the freshest taste of the sprayed toxic fertilizer. I’ve seen videos of a bee pollinating on a 
healthy, biodynamic (biodynamic means what you think organic means) plant vs. a bee 
pollinating on a GMO plant. The bee pollinating the biodynamic plant goes about his business 
just fine. The bee on the GMO plant starts to look confused, drunk, it can’t clean the pollen off 
itself so it becomes covered in the residue, falls to the ground and dies. It’s seriously a very sad 
sight to watch, without bees we cannot exist. Bees pollinate not only a lot of the food we eat, but 
also the food that the animals eat, and we eat the animals too! Without bees life could not exist 
at the scale it does or the way it does today. And the way we are treating bees now is so wrong, 
and the result is colony collapse disorder, the bees are dying/disappearing and our government 
"doesn’t know what’s causing this issue." It seems pretty damn obvious to me.
     However, we do have Organic food now. Organic is supposed to mean that the food you 
are eating was raised/grown humanely, without toxicities, and an environment conducive to the 
plants or animals natural life cycle. However, what we think Organic means and what it is are 
two different things. The easiest example is organic chicken. Our wonderful government states 
that for a chicken to be declared free ranging and organic, they have to atleast have a 1 square 
foot by 1 square foot cage, with a concrete floor, that is "exposed" to the outdoors and sunlight, and the chickens must have access to that a few times a day. On top of that, a chicken can still 
be organic if they are fed a "healthy vegetarian diet." The problem with that is that chickens eat 
a lot of bugs!!! The don’t live on grains!!! So a chicken can still be labeled organic even if they 
spend their lives eating GMO’s grains (what, you thought they got "organic grains"??), living 
inside a dark prison, rarely if ever seeing sunlight, never touching grass, and can still be labeled 
organic, and therefore so can their eggs! This is just one example. The same is true for beef, 
turkey, etc. 
     As for our organic produce, can an organic orange really be organic if its plucked in 
Florida, put on a truck, driven to my local grocery store in Dallas, stocked with a label slapped 
on it, and then taken back home to my refrigerator? Plucked fruits and veggies don’t have a long 
shelf life, and they are much more sensitive to environmental conditions (like being stuck in a 
truck for days with no sunlight). 
     Despite all of these truths, most people are still unaware of what GMO’s are and we 
Americans especially, are consuming them at a very high rate, and our HEALTH is starting to 
show the effects. Depression, disease, illness, mental disorders, suicides, and just plain old 
aches and pains are increasing more and more every year. The Autism Daily Newscast 
recently wrote an article based off the studies of DR. Stephanie Seneff, a research 
scientist at MIT. She states in her research that 1 out of every 2 American children will be 
Autistic by 2025. Let me say that again, at today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will 
be Autistic. Seneff’s presentation shows a "strong correlation between the increased use 
of Roundup [the main fertilizer used for GMO’s] starting in the early 1990’s, and the rising 
number of autism diagnoses over the past three decades. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 children 
were diagnosed with autism. The current rate is 1 in 68, and it shows no sign of slowing 
     There have been numerous other studies proving that GMO’s cause serious issues. The 
first one, to my knowledge, was performed by scientist Dr. Francis J. Pottenger, who is not 
nearly as well known as he should be. The man was a genius who was way ahead of his time. 
In the 1920’s, he performed a study with cats that spanned 8 generations of cats. He fed one 
group of cats high-quality, biodynamic foods, and the other group toxic, denatured foods. The 
cats that ate a biodynamic diet lived full, healthy lives through all 8 generations. The group of 
cats who ate a toxic diet suffered. The first generation born from the cats who ate a toxic diet 
didn’t have a lot of noticeable health differences than the group of healthy first generation cats. 
However, after the first generation, the group of cats eating toxic food starting giving birth to cats 
with structural deformities, allergies, birth defects, stress-driven behaviors, reduced learning 
ability, increased vulnerability to disease, and major reproductive issues. By the fourth 
generation, the "toxic" cats were giving births to still borns. After that, Dr. Pottenger started 
feeding the "toxic" cats a biodynamic diet, and found that it took a full FOUR generations for the 
cats to come back into full health. And other studies performed on other animals have shown 
the same thing.
     Another great example are apes, chimps, and gorillas that live in captivity. The average 
life expectancy for these mammals is between 50 and 60 years old when living in the wild. In 
captivity their life expectancy is actually the same in most situations if not better, but only with the help of antibiotics and other medications. The number one killer of apes in captivity is heart disease and the main part of their diet are grains. Ironically, the number one killer of people living in "civilization" is heart disease, and the main part of our diet are grains. Apes in captivity are known to show signs of depression, stress, rage. They also show signs of weakening, less mobility/strength, and reduced learning ability as they age. Apes also need more and more medication as they age…… DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR???
     Some of you may still not be convinced, after all, Hilary Clinton and the government are 
pro GMO. You’ve been eating GMO’s your entire life and you’re ok. The most basic reason GMO’s are bad for us is the same reason anything that’s not biodynamic is bad for us. Our 
bodies can only process the foods we eat correctly and efficiently, if our bodies can 
recognize the molecular structure of the food in its entirety. GMO stands for genetically 
modified organism, it’s been changed from what it used to be at the base, at the molecular level. 
We eat these foods and our bodies do process them, but with much more difficulty than they 
should. This difficulty causes inflammation to occur, which leads to free radicals, digestive 
issues, health issues, and eventually disease. It’s also important to remember that our bodies 
were designed to function in a very specific way, each part of the body has a function, a load its 
designed to withstand, an amount of energy it usually takes up, etc. When your body has 
difficulty digesting food every meal of every single day, there is a reason you feel tired all the 
time. All of your bodies energy is going into digestion. Your body has to take away from other 
areas to help your digestive tract do its job. The same concept can be applied to an injured 
knee, when the surrounding muscles and opposing knee have to do ten times the work to 
support the knee you injured. We have to use our body the way it was designed to be used, or 
else we will keep getting more of the same negative results.
     For some reason, everybody accepts that after 40 or 50 life just gets worse, health gets 
worse, energy, more pain, etc. It’s like people think that’s the way things are supposed to be. 
And that’s just flat out BULLS#@$!!! People have forgotten that we are mammals, 98% of 
human existence on this planet has been spent as hunter-gatherers. Take any mammal on the 
last days of its life, that mammal still has the ability to go hunt or scavenge for food. They are 
not helpless or frail, their mind is still sharp. That is because most other mammals live in their 
natural environment and eat they way Mother Nature intended. We human beings have 
separated ourselves from Mother Nature and therefore our natural environment. We have 
replaced the diet that was already provided for us on this Earth with food grown in laboratories 
and sprayed with toxins daily. We are not living or eating the way we were meant to or designed 
too. And if we keep this up, humanity will sooner than later die out.
     We are the generation that has to demand change, and it starts with our wallets. Where 
you spend your money on food makes a huge difference, joining a local biodynamic co-op, 
finding local farmers, and buying the highest quality foods you can all help. I don’t believe that 
eating biodynamically can happen at a national scale. We have to make it happen on a local 
scale. We have to make conscious choices now to better our world and our lives, and the lives 
of future generations. I buy most of my food from local farmers, and I can’t tell you the peace of 
mind you get when you know where your food is coming from, how it’s grown, who is growing it, 
and you can actually go visit the farm and talk to the farmer. Better yet, start gardening and 
grow your own food! If I had to guess and relate this too Dr. Pottenger’s study, I’d say that we 
are now in the 2nd to 3rd generation of "toxic cats." More and more people are being born with 
disease and deformities. Demand change! In order to make the world a better place, you have 
to first make your world a better place.