The key to accomplishing any goal is to, at minimum, take small steps everyday in the form of ACTION toward your ultimate goal. So for most people, the first step is creating new routines so they can set themselves up for success. Here’s my basic morning routine (make sure to check out the basic total body movement routine video with the link below #4): 1. I usually wake up about an hour and a half before work. I’ll check my text messages to see if any of my morning students have contacted me. And then I DO NOT check any form of social media or emails. You want to make sure the first thing you hear or think in the morning is good, something that gets you off on the right foot, and you are rolling the dice with social media and emails. It’s also been studied and proven that people who spend less time on social media are happier people. 2. I’ll immediately start some type of positive, educational, or inspirational audio to get my mindset where I want it to be for the day.  3. Breakfast- always drink at least 16 ounces of water before you consume anything else!!! You haven’t had anything to drink all night and your body is thirsty!!! I usually have 2-4 eggs, 8-20 fluid ounces of smoothie (depending upon how long it’ll be till I can eat again) I make nightly before bed, and coffee with butter and honey. 4. After that I head to work and do some basic movement for at least 10 minutes. Check out the youtube video below for some ideas (or you could even copy this routine) on creating your own basic total body movement routine. 5. Meditate- focus on what you want, what you are GOING to ACCOMPLISH today, and your vision of your future.  The small things you do everyday, the small choices you make everyday, shape your life in every way. Happy New Years!!!