Did you know that we are electric beings? Every living function in the human body, whether that function is done consciously or unconsciously, physically or mentally, is powered by electrical currents.

I’m thinking about this more in terms of muscle and brain communication. When you move anything at all, your brain is sending an electrical signal through your body to those muscles in order to accomplish that movement. But what happens when that signal is interrupted on its way to its final destination? And what could interrupt this signal?

Knots!!! Knots in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If you have a knot in your musculature, that means that your brain is no longer able to communicate with that part of the muscle or possibly the entire muscle itself. And no communication between the brain and muscle means that electricity isn’t flowing through that area! Therefore, knots are the electrical equivalent of an inhibitor, which is something that slows down or prevents a chemical reaction.

So if we are electrical beings and we are walking around with abunch of knots in our bodies that are slowing down the electrical communication within us, how is that effecting us?

It’s taking your energy away!!! The electricity obviously still finds a way to get where it needs to go, but with knots in its path it must find a different, more inefficient path to get to its destination. Therefore, lowering it’s the strength of the intended electrical signal. In other words, lowering your vitality! Lowering your energy levels! Lowering your zest for life!

Want more energy? Move more, get rid of knots and musculature tension, and create a body that has efficient electrical energy pathways! Every wonder why people who workout all the time have so much energy (even after a 3 hour workout) but the average person often feels tired from sitting at a desk all day? One body having efficient pathways and the other body being full of tension and knots, its definitely one of the reasons.

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