Have you set any goals for 2017 yet? Do you have a plan of how you are going to get there? Take one one of your goals for 2017 and create some checkpoints so you can track your progress as the year progresses. For example: Goal- I want to be able to run for an hour without stopping *Break that down into 3, 6, and 9 month check points* 3 Months- Run 15 minutes without stopping 6 Months- Run 30 minutes without stopping 9 months- Run 45 minutes without stopping If you can stick to your checkpoints, you know what you are doing is working and that you are on your way to accomplishing this goal. If not, then you know that what you are doing is NOT working and that you need to change up your approach somehow. I also set monthly goals. So in this scenario, a good goal for January could simply be to run every other day for at least 15 minutes. And yes it’s ok if you walk sometimes. It doesn’t matter if there are some days where you "just don’t have it" or other days where you feel like you aren’t getting any better. CONTINUE to execute your plan anyway. You will get better at whatever it is that you do consistently.