Imagine any team or athlete going into a game without any type of game preparation…. no scouting report, little or no thought of what is to come, and no GamePLAN whatsoever. It sounds crazy right? No team does that, winning teams definitely don’t do that. Even when I was in junior high school, we had a scouting report for the team we were playing that week and we went over it daily.      Championship teams have a ridiculously detailed GamePLAN; with notes and descriptions of each opposing player, their style of play, strengths/weaknesses, different plays they run offensively, types of defenses they run, and a lot of other notes on who they are playing. On top of all that, the GamePLAN of a Championship team will also include notes on themselves; how they plan on attacking the other teams weaknesses, offensive plays and defenses that will work well against the other team, areas or statistical categories of the game they need to dominate in order to win, plus a lot more. A Championship team or a Championship athlete always has a GamePLAN, which is a HUGE/GIANT/ENORMOUS reason why they are Champions.      So knowing that, why do most people expect to be successful in life without creating any type of detailed GamePLAN for their LIFE?!? It sounds kind of crazy now right? So do your absolute best to think of the life you want and what it looks like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. down the road. If that’s difficult, think of what you don’t want, that usually helps people realize what they do want. Take your life vision and put it on paper, take that vision and list the goals you need to accomplish in order to make your vision come true, create a detailed GamePLAN of ACTIONS that you are going to take in order to accomplish these goals, and most importantly, hold yourself accountable!!! Follow through with your GamePLAN! Make 2017 a year of prosperity for you and your loved ones.