What you eat is the most important factor when it comes to your health and fitness goals. Whether you are looking to loose weight, gain muscle, tone up, be faster, jump higher; no matter the goal, your diet plays a huge role in accomplishing it. The challenge starts October 25th as soon as you wake up, and the last day will be November 15th. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating Paleo after the challenge ends!!!!!!!! On the last day of the challenge, we will have a potluck at the studio at 11 am after the 10 am Saturday morning class.       The concept of Paleo is simple; only eat what mother nature put on this earth and produced in her own original, biodynamic way. Basically, eat as your ancestors did about 40,000 years ago. Meats, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, a few nuts here and there, and did I say FAT? Yea, that’s right, more fat!!! Do you think your ancestor passed up on some animal fat from the Woolly Mammoth he just killed?       Ancestor-"No thanks, I’m trying to watch my figure." —Said no ancestor ever! Food was scarce and never a guarantee. So when your ancestors had a chance to eat highly calorie and nutrient dense fat, the dove in head first.       They depended on fats for health and lungevity, and so do we. Health and obesity issues have gone up and up since we started moving away from fats and towards processed foods and grains. So here’s the challenge. Go back to FAT! 21 days of solid Paleo, that means no grains at all (yes that includes quinoa, rice, bread, pasta, etc.). The biggest mistake I see people making when they go Paleo is not eating enough, they’re afraid they’ll make their health issues worse eating all this fat. But that is not the case. You starve your body of healthy fats, so your body chooses to hold onto what little fat you give it. Go Paleo, eat at least 3 solid servings of good fats a day. You’ll be amazed.      You can post pics of what you’re cooking, post recipes, anything food and Paleo related in the facebook group here:
Or to my instagram page @jonathansprivatetrainingstudio
     Everybody who posts something will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE T-shirt and FOUR Saturday morning classes. The drawing will be at the potluck at my studio on November 15th at 11 am, after the 10 am Saturday morning class. Have fun with this, try different recipes. Last week I sent out a recipe for CHOCOLATE PUDDING, made from AVOCADO!!! Tried it yet? You can eat healthy and it can still be delicious!!! I’ll be posting recipes and pictures of what I’m eating, along with sending e-mails as I know not everybody is on social media.
     Also, just a reminder that I’m having class this Saturday at 10 am at the studio. The class focuses on mobility, core strength, joint stabilization, range of motion, and efficient movement. Each class is $20 or you can buy 4 for $65 (you have 6 weeks to use those four). Please let me know prior to class if you plan on attending as space is limited. Also, if you plan on coming to the class November 15th before the potluck please let me know asap!!! That way I can move the class to a larger facility if we have a big class. Most likely it would be a well air-conditioned warehouse in Trinity Groves. Hope you all are doing well and keep working hard!!!